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      Potassium Cocoyl Glycinate

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      Potassium Cocoyl Glycinate

      It is an amino acid surfactant synthesized by acylation and neutralization of cocinic acid and glycine, mainly used for facial care products such as facial cleanser.It has two forms as powder of more than 95% active substance content and aqueous solution of 30%. 

      Product Properties:

      1.Sodium cocoyl glycinate is slightly alkaline, with good foaming ability under near neutral conditions.

      2.Its foam is rich ,smooth and elastic, and will impart refreshed feeling after washing.

      3.Puji is able to provide glycinate based products with  full specs at different costs, various states and specs suitable for different formula based on customer requirements.


      Facial cleanser, bath lotion, post-dyed shampoo, cleansing gel, foam cleanser, oral products.


      Aqueous Solution: 200KG/Drum 1000KG/IBC 
      Powder: 25KG/Carton


      Main surfactants : 8.0%-15.0% (active substances) 
      Auxiliary surfactants: 1.0%-6.0%  (active substances)
      Oral care products:1.0-3.0%  (active substances)

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